Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 90 The Finish Line!!

We made it! We almost had a mutiny one hour before dinner as the children debated going to the store to get milk, but they are tucked in their beds with promises of a"Christmas morning" with real milk, store bought little yogurts, star fruit, grapes, and milk. To many of the children, they have finished a marathon. Milk and butter are first on the wish list.

I must admit I am sad. It has been a long three months of cooking every day for the public eye. I care deeply for the values and people of this great Country. The sacrifice has engendered a love for all who may read and in any way benefit from these humble efforts.

Breakfast: Breakfast steaks, hash browns with green pepper and green onion, toast with peanut butter, chocolate milk, and fresh grapefruit

Lunch: Okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake) usually made with an egg or two. I substituted baking powder. Yummy. Macaroni and cheese for some

Dinner: Real mashed potatoes made with Act II (Boy! It will be nice to have real butter!) and hamburger gravy, green beans and fresh steamed cabbage stored since Jan 22 in tin foil. It tasted good. Dessert - brownies and fresh frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

We will take a couple of weeks to regroup. Then I will address the most common objection I heard to this proposition "I can't afford to live off my shelves, we would use all the food we have stored." In a new 90 day challenge through May , June and July, our family will attempt to live off $50 per person per month, buy a wheat grinder, and a mixer in that food budget and
establish a sizable amount of food on the shelf. We will begin from scratch - as if we had nothing on our shelves. Week by week we will plan a menu, purchase with cash to the plan, and save to make big purchases. We will buy in bulk and "invest" in quantities of the basics that will allow us to save money and time. One cannot afford to not live off his shelves.

I have never had to do this. My husband has been gainfully employed all our married life. My mother made sure we had a grain mill when we got married. This challenge is huge for me. Only because I care deeply for the readers of this blog do I even consider 90 days more of tight frugal living. The positive side is each week we will enjoy the luxury of fresh produce and fresh milk, and after the challenge we've just met, it seems quite feasible.


  1. Thanks so much for continuing--I was starting to have withdrawals when I thought about not reading your blog every day. You are doing a great service for many. I'm glad that you're going to keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you. Will you please post tomorrow your "Christmas" breakfast?

  3. You're amazing Crystal and I've enjoyed your blog so much! Can't wait to read about the next challenge!

  4. I'm cheering you on! I'll be happy to read about your continued frugal doings. I've learned much the last 90 days and have been inspired. Thank you!

  5. Thank you everyone! We'll lock arms and pull together - our children, grandchildren, daughters in law, neighbors and friends. To this end we can help each other stand self reliant and honest.

  6. your day 90 seemed like a feast! I"m excited to keep reading!

  7. I would often sit at the computer just to read your blog. I loved every post! You are very inspiring. Thank you!

  8. Hi Crystal,
    I've enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations to you and your family!

    My husband and I are on the last of the three month Pantry Challenge. We did it last year for two months and decided to give it a longer go this year. Next year we're shooting for four months. It seems to get easier.

    My adventures about it, and green living, are at

    I'll stay tuned during the next three months as your replenish your stores and shop carefully.