Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 81 Finding Comfort Abroad

In 2006 we ventured to Chennai, India with eight children and six months pregnant with the ninth. Our purpose was to carry 100 pounds of food in our checked baggage to friends. One of my most treasured memories while visiting was seeing an Indian Mother of our neighbor's. I first met her when she visited her son in Omaha for six months. One day she accidentally got locked out of her son's house. While she waited at my house for him to come home and unlock the door, she made Indian chapati with my little ones. I ground the wheat in my wheat grinder and she added a little salt, oil, and water; let the dough rest then fried up delicious little "tortillas." I could not have been more surprised when I stepped into her kitchen in India and she showed me the big 20 gallon barrel in which she stored her wheat. She had raised her children on wheat and rice. When she stepped into my kitchen and saw wheat berries, she was as shocked as I was to find out that an American used whole wheat. We enjoyed visiting. There is common ground with most of the cultures of the world if one knows how to cook with basic grains: corn, rice, and wheat.

Breakfast: Polenta flavored with chopped onion and cheese
Lunch: Peanut butter on toast and cinnamon
Dinner: Cheese burger stew. (ground beef, onions, chopped potatoes, carrots (dehydrated), spices, and cheese whiz with a little grated cheddar.


  1. so you did use polenta. how was it?

  2. The family loves polenta. Some thought it was scrambled eggs until they tasted it. Then they were surprised.