Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 74 Patience a Lost Art

We tilled the garden today. As I anticipated planting and harvesting garden fruits in 3-5 months, I marvelled at how long I will have to wait. In a day and age where we can call, text or send an email within minutes of any thought; we walk into a store and walk out with beautifully designed coordinated clothes; we buy a hamburger within minutes of being hungry; we can fulfill any desire or need without exercising any patience. Our whole lifestyle is a "Microwave" lifestyle. It is an inconvenience to us if anything requires patience and time to satisfy. As a result tempers explode out of control. Communication that requires hours and days is left undone and relationships suffer. Food can be a great tool in helping us develop better self control. We can exercise patience to cook from scratch, to plant and harvest, and to sit and eat.

Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes with banana for the egg substitute, mashed potato with mozzarella cheese pancakes

Lunch: Taco Soup with corn chips, cheese and a few people had left over mashed potatoes for a side.

Dinner: Macaroni and cheese. Daddy read a story while we ate. To celebrate, we divided three snickers bars to relish while we listened.

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