Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 69 Another Monday and Indoor Gardens

I had hoped to have fresh greens from small indoor gardens by this time. But the little leaves of lettuce are struggling. I do not know if it is not warm enough on the south windowsill or if they are not getting enough hours of sun light. The pictures on the Internet looked much more yummy. I did have two packages of seed left over from last year. There is no lettuce seed for sale in Omaha in January.

I feel like there is so much I have yet to try and only 21 days left of this challenge. At the same time the three year old is praying for apples and bananas. His is a life of luxury and he has no idea what real want is.

I improvised in an attempt to make frozen yogurt. I have run out of rock salt so I haven't attempted to use the ice cream maker because too much salt will cause the temperature to go too cold and the ice cream freezes too fast. Too little salt results in hours of churning for no frozen yogurt/ice cream. I guessed at the amount of table salt to substitute. It was too much and the freezer seized as it froze too fast. Oh well, at least it froze and I could stir it by hand.

Breakfast: I wanted to do Eggs Mornay (Boiled and served in a white sauce.) But there was not even one boiled egg left from Easter baskets. So I served a white sauce with chopped ham over wheat bread.

Lunch: Korean black beans. This recipe was in the paper two weeks ago. Basically the beans are flavored with soy sauce and served over rice.
Snacks: Leftover Apple pie pizza

Dinner: Chicken haystacks complete with fresh celery, canned pineapple, cream of chicken soup, and chunks of chicken browned with lemon pepper on a bed of rice.

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  1. Thank you for putting all the effort into recording your experience. I can imagine how tired you must be some nights.

    Our lives are very different and due to allergies my couldn't eat much of the food you prepare, but it's still very helpful to read about your adventures.

    But, please, don't can butter. According to the canning classes I've taken, there is a botulism risk.