Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 79 Women Making a Difference

I'll try to leave the politics alone for a day but I am struck with the power of women in preserving values in our Society. We can insist that fathers are important and that we value honorable discharge of their parental duty. There is a community I know of where the men own nice recreational equipment - boats, dirt bikes, four wheelers, jet skis, and big trucks. They have good jobs to pay for all their toys but their wives work to pay the mortgage. Children go to day care. Mothers come home tired and pick up fast food for dinner. Really, women let's 1) decide who is going to raise the children and who is going to feed the husbands. 2) Lets implement some of the strategies in Dr. Laura's book "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." After a treating her man to a tasty meal, I think a women needs to insist that priorities be on feeding the family. Mothers and wives need to be willing to cook.

I had just posted the title to this entry when, we told my husband what was for dinner. He heard sour kraut and stood in silence purely dumbfounded. I laughed out loud he was so cute standing there with a "You've go to be kidding me." He will get extra TLC.

Breakfast: We made bread, finally and served scones for breakfast.

Lunch: Creamed beef over toast. This is white sauce with ground beef and green beans.
I have made this with tuna but never with ground beef. I also tried to make the cream sauce with cornmeal flour, dried milk and oil instead of margarine. I really liked the flavor of the cornmeal. It cooked well and made a nice white sauce. (4 cups dried milk, 1 cup cornmeal flour, 1 cup oil. Stir it all together until the chunks of oil have crumbled to pea size. Mix 2 cups hot water, 1 cup mix. Bring to boil until thickened. Stir it constantly or it will burn. Add meat and vegetables.
Dinner: Pork, sourkraut, and fresh potatoes simmered in the crock pot all afternoon. It was delicious. Even my husband liked the dish. (He only listed one thing he would not eat when we got married and sour kraut is it. But tonight proved that likes can change.) Side was a cabbage, ramen noodle salad. I burned the nuts! Oh well.

Snack: Eggless Brownies (We are still experimenting with the recipes.)

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