Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let the Summer Begin!

Okay, so we have enjoyed a family trip and one week of down time since school let out.  It has been nice to sleep in, eat whenever and whatever was quick and easy, relax and play more than we worked.  A dose of "unstructured time" is in my opinion a vital part of being a child and savoring the moment.  But enough is enough and now is when a mother's heart is most excited to have her children home for the summer.  Time to structure our lives of our own free will not because we have a school schedule to whip us into shape. 

I thought I would start with set meal times.  This will add a little stress to my day because I will have to be dependable with breakfast at 7:00; lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 6:00.   The compensation will be the children will know these are the times the kitchen is open and if they don't make it to the right place at the right time, they will be hungry.  There will be no more calling and pleading to come to lunch from all corners of the yard and house.  I hope children will learn to be a little more responsible. Even my mother heart wonders if that is really possible.  I may be naive, but I am desperate enough to try.

We will follow with swim time, play time, movie time, reading time, piano practice time, school time, sewing time, and chore time.  I doubt every activity will fall on every day but both the children and I will be relieved to have a plan, eliminating the "free for all" that has been happening this past week.  I know of one mother who wrote and produced an play every summer including every child in the neighborhood.  It is in moments like these that mothers shine and life is good.  It is hoped that children also learn intrinsic motivation through the satisfaction of accomplishment.  There is nothing that is quite as satisfying as reaching a goal one has set for himself.  Cheers to summer!

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