Monday, January 21, 2013

"Boy, I need a wife!"

The college age boys were visiting over Skype which let two of them see that their friend was enjoying a snack.  They questioned, "What are you eating?"  When the reply revealed, "Chocolate chip banana Bread," the boys were quick to exclaim, "Boy, I need a wife!"  I smiled.  Some women may object that their role is to bake scrumptious treats for their men,and they would rather have him do the baking in the house, or perhaps they settle for purchasing a loaf of banana bread on the way home from work. Both options are better than no treats, but given all the options at my fingers, I applaud that young wife for taking the time to make a treat worth bragging rights.


We bought 50 pounds bananas on sale in the discount cart.  Within a day we peeled and bagged all the bananas in freezer bags.  It has been so handy to pull out a bag, dislodge one or two bananas for a breakfast shake, banana cookies or more banana bread.  Savings/benefits: 35 cents per pound, security in the freezer supplies, and happy children and husband.