Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life - Enjoying the Fleeting Moments

Our nation mourns. This week 20 kindergartners were shot to death in school along with eight adults. Life.

The time we spend on this earth is a gift.  No one knows when their time is up.  No one knows when it will be the last time to kiss your loved ones goodbye.  I have determined to live each day with meaning and purpose.  To find joy and happiness - not pleasure and fun - but lasting joy of caring, service and meaning in every moment.  Life is too fleeting to carry regrets. Perhaps that is why I'll post today.


We hurrried  home from church in a snow flurry.  No Sunday meal invited us so I quickly started frying onions to make 'Frisco Burgers.  The savory smell of onions cooking enticed the children to come and chat while the table was set, buns cut, cheese sliced and napkins folded.  It was really not a big affair because everyone helped and peace and contentment filled our home.  The burgers were delicious.