Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 71 The children are Hungry

The first greeting of the day was "Your son is hungry. What's for breakfast?" So I started making oatmeal pancakes without eggs. The first batch, made with mayonnaise, fell to crumbs. The second batch, made with flax meal, held together but was so heavy even I didn't want to eat them. The children ate yogurt, pie cherries, and homemade cold cereal for breakfast.

Again at lunch the cry came "I am starving." So I heated the leftover goulash for a first course an started making pigs in a blanket with our only pack of hot dogs. The eight year old said, "Oh, Mom, I love you!"when she saw the baking pan. Everyone seemed satisfied after a second course of lunch when the hot dogs came out of the oven.

Dinner consisted of teriyaki beef (cut from a chuck roast) mashed potatoes made with bottled butter (delicious), and green beans. The beef had teriyaki sauce made from scratch with green onions from the garden to accent.

The children made Almond cookies to take to a church function. Our last two eggs served a noble purpose. The determined child in charge found another sack of almonds in the bottom of the freezer and 25 pounds of white flour in the storage room. We were grateful to have 1 cup of bottled real butter. It worked great in the cookies.

The real news of the day was that my husband made another trip to the grocery store. He bought flowers for me. I'm delighted.

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