Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 80/90 Count Down!

I am planning our purchases. We are out of Crisco, cornstarch, canned milk, and need to restock a number of items. If I had butter flavored Crisco, we could make cookies much easier. Someone even suggested using butter flavored Crisco for a spread. It would be a new purchase for me but would definitely help with the shelf stable menu.

The children listed their favorite 5-6 dishes of the last three months: Rice Pizza, Lemon Dill Chicken with Penne Pasta, Pork fried Rice, Pork lo Mein, Cheesy tuna sandwiches with tomato soup, and Chicken Alfredo.

Breakfast: Rice Pudding made with vanilla pudding.
Lunch: Leftovers.
Snack: The last of the Fruit Snacks
Dinner: Lemon Chicken with Penne pasta except I didn't have any penne pasta so used egg drop noodles, in place of the celery we chopped some asparagus, and I used the frozen whipping cream that I thought I would use to mix with the dried milk and didn't. It was scrumptious. A little neighbor girl joined us and ate four servings. She said, "This is delicious." My eight year old said,"You should live off your food storage too."


  1. Crystal, I was thinking of you as I made breakfast this morning. Have you considered making something like sushi? My children love leftover rice rolled up in seaweed. This is what they had for breakfast this morning. You can, of course, put something else inside the rice, like egg or pickle or whatever you have. The seaweed (nori) has a lot of minerals, is inexpensive if bought in a large pack at an Asian grocery, and stores quite a while. Just a thought.

  2. from your first paragraph i wanted to let you know of premixed ingredients. all you need to do is add water. this is especially helpful if you are like me and can't cook worth a darn! moving along...

    i found cookie mixes and fudge mixes that don't require eggs because they are already included. the best part for me is they can be found at the dolar in CA it's the 99cents only store.

  3. Cookie mixes would be a nice solution!