Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 78 Scrambling for Snacks

All day the children were asking for cookies, bread and cinnamon, ice cream.... It seemed like they wanted food as soon as we cleaned up from the last meal. When there is no bread to eat we feel like we are starving.

Breakfast: leftover BBQ pork, Carrot pudding, and the polenta was so popular last night that we made more Corn Grits made with a finer grind of corn flour. We seasoned the polenta with Parmesan and Asiago cheese. The report was that this could be a white sauce over chicken like the Alfredo sauce.
Sack lunch: Chicken salad with ring and run lettuce,mozzarella cheese and bottled chicken; nuts and rasins, raw cooky dough(no eggs),
Lunch: oyster soup with leftover wheat chapati with melted mozzarella cheese.
Dinner: Chicken pot Pie:

1 can cream of chicken soup
2 cups leftover gravy
3 cups dice chicken (from bottles)
1 cup green frozen baby lima beans
1/2 cup dehydrated carrots
1/2 cup frozen peas
1 cup dehydrated potatoes
1 cup fresh celery diced (the last)
1/2 cup garbanzo beans partially mashed

Heat well, pour into pie dish and bake till golden brown.

Snack: Chocolate chip cookies made with oil instead of shortening, and meringue powder instead of eggs. The cookies were too crumbly. I added flaxmeal. It didn't help. I added mayonaise. It didn't help. Lesson have margarine or butter on hand for cookies.


  1. did you run out of ingredients for bread? or it simply was not made yet?

  2. Polenta is a staple among the Argentine people. They would top it with ham or cheese or spaghetti sauce. On a good day, all three. I remember loving it, but my children won't have anything to do with it. Maybe this could provide a little variety in the last few days.Thank you so much for doing this challenge. I think there are a lot of people watching you that don't know that you are our food storage specialist and you have taught us so much by doing this challenge. Thank you again!

  3. Thanks a million. It is nice to know a few more meal options. I'll disguise them as "cultural awareness." Try polenta when the children are a little older.

  4. Would having powdered eggs stored have helped? Debating on the usefulness of these things! I have had them as scrambled eggs and taste was good.

  5. Yes, I would have dried eggs in my storage. We used our can early in the experiment. It was 15 years old and needed to be eaten or thrown out. As a leavening agent in baked products the effect is not always as good as hoped but as scrambled eggs with a salsa, I thought they were passable.