Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 66 Counting down and Easter Preparations

I have 5 pounds of all purpose flour left and only 3 pounds of margarine. Now the real creativity will begin. Preparation is really a day at a time! Today I spent all afternoon cooking treats to put in our Easter baskets in the morning. When we started this challenge, Easter candies were not on sale. I bought some candy but naturally the children do not think it is enough. I secretly am glad for an excuse to simplify this part of the festivities. I attempted applets but they did not set well enough to put in the baskets. We put candied popcorn in cups and made little clusters of chopped apricots, raisins, and almonds with white chocolate (yes, I had 2 packages in the back of the pantry.) I baked little cups of carrot muffins to create something healthy to substitute for breakfast with no fresh fruit. I ran out of time and energy to do more candy tonight. The children colored our last one dozen eggs with an Easter Egg coloring kit they found in the storage room. We added some fruit snacks that have been hidden in the freezer, and a Pay Day candy bar.

Breakfast: Whole wheat mush with pineapple and walnuts
Lunch: Runza or cabbage filled rolls (pizza dough wrapped around steamed cabbage and taco meat with cheddar cheese) These tasted great but looked unappetizing.

Snack: Candied Popcorn and chocolate carrot cake with walnuts
Dinner: Chickpeas, with onions, okra in a sweet milk sauce. The recipe called for coconut milk. I have never used coconut milk and I don't want to use the few cans of canned milk that I am feeding the baby, so I used sweetened condensed milk with a little dried milk. The main spice was Curry. I thought I had a big jar but discovered I don't. This curried chick pea dish isn't curried but the flavor is good anyway. The children aren't used to this so they had a few tentative tastes and filled up on rice with margarine. The okra is viscous and a little unusual but I have large bags that I need to use so we'll try it anyway.

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