Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 51 A Great Day for Fast Food

It was 5:20pm, we had to be in the car at 5:45 and I had no supper ready! It would have been a night to stop for burgers on the way to the evening event. Luckily, I remembered the chicken Penne Pasta that I had frozen. It heated well in the microwave and everyone got some supper.

Convenience can be built into cooking from scratch in several ways. I've tried once a month cooking where a full 30 meals are cooked all at once and frozen. This works great for smaller families. I like a modified approach where most of the meat, the pizza crusts, cookie dough, and other ingredients are frozen ready to assemble into numerous dishes. This doesn't take as much space as freezing 30 casseroles/soups that feed 10 to 15 people. Convenience can also be built in as we have done the last three weeks. I have made larger batches and instead of serving leftovers, we have frozen another meal. All this week something has come from the freezer for at least one meal of the day.

Some of my freezer staples is a white sauce mix, pancakes in a bottle, crumb topping for cobblers, and a teriyaki sauce in the refrigerator. After tonight I would like to cook five pounds of Dill Penne Pasta and chicken and have several meals frozen in gallon sacks for our family. Having a "cooking day" with the whole family can be memorable and fun.

Lunch: Leftover Soup - both with potatoes added and bread
Dinner: Dill Chicken Penne Pasta from the freezer
Snack: Fresh Whole wheat Bread.

My daughter made brownies to take to school for a treat.

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