Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 38 Pioneers are Prepared and No Water

If storing food to last three month seems overwhelming with freezer space, shelf stable products galore, and refrigeration, think of packing a years supply in a covered wagon. Read this account from Ursula Haskel, "We had everything on the way to make us more comfortable than anyone could expect. Flour enough to last us a year, ham, sausages, dried fish, lard- two cans, 100 pounds of sugar, 16 of coffee, ten of raisins, rice, with all the other items we wished to use in cooking." This puts a supply of food in perspective. It is not as difficult as initially imagined.

We felt a little more rustic than comfortable this evening when a plumbing repair necessitated turning off the main water. We scrambled a minute before we remembered we would still flush toilets with the water stored in pop bottles and we could brush our teeth without having the sink running full of water. The repair was made. We have water again. Husbands are wonderful.

Breakfast: Diced rehydrated potatoes fried with deer sausage, grapefruit.

Lunch: By request the same taco filling from last night wrapped in whole wheat flat bread. The three year old ate it heartily this time and commented on his "favorite food"

Snack: Granola bars. This recipe is the best. I've tried a few in my lifetime and this one has the right texture and flavor. (See the "Recipes" in January)
Dinner: Chicken Soup with Rice - another of the 4 main variations of chicken soup with --noodles, rice, egg drop noodles, or potatoes.

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