Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 49 Bottled Cheese

As cheese is a fundamental part of our diet, I tried bottling cheddar cheese. The process is to grate block cheese, fill a clean jar, melt it in the oven and then the jar seals as the cheese cools. Shelf stable cheese can be purchased but if I can make my own shelf stable cheese, I can take advantage of seasonal sales. Another method is to buy cheese wax and seal hard cheeses the way they have been preserved for centuries. My Storage room is between 50-70 degrees and should be perfect. I love "governing myself." Hopefully you can make a descision for yourself with this information.


Article by Kellene Bishop

Breakfast: Potatoes and onions in the crock pot over night. Served with ketchup and bread and butter. We opened the one jar of the bottled butter. It is grainy as a spread but fresh and tasty.
Lunch: Tuna sandwiches with pickles on rolls, leftover macaroni salad
Sack lunches to school and work: cheese sandwiches on buns, carrot muffin, carrot and celery sticks, granola bar
Dinner: We served taco meat on buns with carrot/raisin/walnut salad.

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  1. Found your blog recently and I'm fascinated! I've never heard of canning cheese before.