Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 42 The Duggars

The Duggars - Twenty and Counting is a fascinating account of a family with 18 children to be 19 any day now. The life philosophies and parenting techniques they share are reassuring. They manage wisely by exercising faith and being willing to sacrifice to obey principles to which they feel committed. They have paid cash for cars, homes, babies, and food. They teach their children carefully values that will enable them to be happy and successful. One of which is "Contentment" - to be happy with the clothes and food you have. There are recipes in the book and also on their web site Most of the recipes are from cans to pot to table. I am anxious to try several. If we would link arm and follow suit at least in the work ethic and teaching of children (if not 19 children!), there may be hope for America.

The children are still on their own today. We will return tonight after entertaining a 9 month old for 6 hours in airplanes and 4 hours in airports today.

Breakfast: leftover venison patties, grapefruit, toast
Lunch: Rice with Chicken gravy
Dinner: Creamed Tuna over toast.

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