Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 41 The Way to a Man's Heart

It is said "the fastest way to a man's heart is through is stomach." Judging by the reception of the mashed potatoes and ham topped off with the black forest cake yesterday, I won't argue. My three year old son has come into the kitchen numerous times when he smells the onions cooking and he will ask what I am preparing. At my response (no matter what it is - Moroccan Soup or roast, he'll say, "Oh, that's my favorite." My teenage son loves Grandma Mary's cloud biscuits under creamed tuna. This is a simple meal but savory and satisfying. The mashed potatoes was the kindest gift I could give my husband for his birthday. He often says he would eat mashed potatoes for dessert. I must say I agree with Dr. Laura when she says a wife best supports her "knight in shining armor" as he "slays dragons" and provides a living for his family if she will cook dinner to welcome him home. It is the magic in marriage.

I am out of town with my husband for two days. The children are eating at will. They reported:
Breakfast: leftovers of ham and mashed potatoes

Lunch: Macaroni and cheese using bottled cheese whiz
Dinner: Peaches, venison patties, Peanut butter cookies
We had squash bread on the way to the airport and homemade granola bars for a snack but we did order egg McMuffin sandwiches in route and the enjoy Brazilian BBQ for dinner. I love the beans and rice at Brazilian restaurants and the meat is out of this world. The men feel well cared for tonight.

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