Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 40 Beyond Obedience

The story of Joseph of Egypt seems to illustrate my feelings this Sabbath morning. Being prepared with a supply of food in our homes requires the obedience of Joseph. He interpreted the King's dreams to mean there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. The King felt the need to do something. He commanded Joseph to oversee the storage of corn for the seven years of plenty. Joseph was completely obedient. The famine did come. As food supplies ran low throughout the whole region, the food in Egypt would sustain people from foreign lands and regions. Storing grain had gone beyond obedience to a level of compassion to "love one's neighbor as himself." As the famine continued, Joseph would be able to save the lives of his brothers and his father. At the moment that Joseph saw an understood the hand of the Lord over the course of the previous decade or more, his heart must have broken with a deep love and gratitude to God for allowing him to be an instrument in His hand that he might save HIS family. A pure love transcended pure obedience.

In a coming day, I would like to know that my family has a seat around my table. I want to exercise faith that food will be provided for the families of the world because of our obedience, sacrifice and genuine love. These pure sentiments give reason for prudence in our lifestyle beginning at home and extending to national policies. God will grant us strength and miracles if we will yield to Him.

Breakfast: peanut butter toast for little ones, oranges
Lunch:Piecing after church until Dinner
Birthday Dinner: We celebrated my husband's birthday with real mashed potatoes, spiral sliced ham, green frozen lima beans and carrots, cornbread stuffing from the freezer (for added convenience), pear and cottage cheese salads (with homemade ricotta cheese as a substitute for the cottage cheese, the iceberg lettuce is six weeks old and still crispy after being wrapped in tin foil), and Black Forest cake assembled with eggless chocolate cake for dessert. I have been making this cake for years. It holds together well and tastes good. The day turned out a success. Recipe in the recipe page.

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  1. Sister Young,
    You are an inspiration and a classroom for me. I am trying to fill my pantry and those of the ladies in my neighborhood (ward). You have given me so many things to offer them, both spiritually and temporally.
    I do have a questions. I want to make your yogurt and am not sure what 'non instant dry milk' is. I just have the dry pack cannery non-fat dry milk that they sell. Also, can I just use a store yogurt with live cultures as my yogurt start? Thanks.