Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 47 After the trial

It is another sabbath in which to rejoice but I just feel like crying. Another meal, another day,will it never end. (That sentiment has little to do with living off our shelves, it is just the every day grind.) Questions curse threw my mind "Why did God make it so we eat three times a day? Why do the scriptures say we should pray three times a day like Daniel in the old testament? Why did the manna have to be gathered every day?" As I ponder on these questions I think it is because God want to bless us and express his love and care for us often. He wants to say "Crystal, I love you" three times a day. Everytime we gather food and prepare it, we are reminded of the creator of the universe who created food as diverse as onions and bananas. I pray for a miracle as I participate in the creation of a meal. Why didn't God make trees that grow fish sticks? As we create we find joy and we also come to appreciate His hand in providing food that will nourish us. It becomes our privilege to fix another meal.

Breakfast: Potato hash - diced potatoes with onions served with ketchup
Lunch: Stew from last night with diced potatoes added to the broth. If I am organized enough I like to prepare soup a day or two before Sunday to have a quick meal ready for Sunday. Fresh fry bread as a side.
Dinner: Cheesy Rice with chicken and broccoli. I used one chicken breast diced and fried.
Snack: Snickerdoodle cookies

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