Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 45 Fighting Poverty

People who are self reliant have faith that others can be self reliant as well. The poorest sections of our nation are filled with people who have not been self reliant for generations. Their dependence on others (either the government or well meaning charities) for shelter and food is ingrained because they have been denied the privilege of working in exchange for benefits. In our community children are sent home with a small backpack full of nutritious snacks that are child friendly. This is a free gift in an effort to protect the innocent children who are victims. The mothers of these children do not cook, they are not often home, they are often involved in drug use. Unwittingly these families are being destroyed. The father has been subsidised out of the home by welfare and now the mother is subsidised out of the home as well by free breakfasts provided by the government and snack packs provided by the community. As the family is destroyed, so is the incentive for education. Parents carry no hope for a brighter future for their children. Ignorance and illiteracy has garnered food and shelter for them and it is the only way they know - do nothing so that others will care for the children. There is no hope.

On the other end, the affluent who do not cook at home know no other way to survive but by expending hundreds of dollars on ready prepared, fast food, and restaurant fare. They too have no hope that someone can be self reliant if they don't have an above average income. These people vote for entitlement programs because they do not know any other way to help but give money.

This cycle needs to stop. We need to give each other skills. We can cook from scratch and if we give food to those who are hungry it should be food that they must work for and prepare. We must love each other enough to insist that our roles as mothers and fathers are protected. We need to expect the highest of each individual. The hunger for knowledge would grow as self respect is engendered. Education would take a high priority. There would soon be no poor among us.

Breakfast: Pancakes with 2 of the 6 eggs that the recipe asked. Dried milk and orange juice drink, and canned tropical fruit

Lunch: Fried chicken, instant mashed potatoes, green beans with cheese
Snack: Carrot sticks

Dinner: Pork lo mein (This can easily be vegetarian - leave out the meat and keep the delicious noodles, vegetables and spices) Recipe will be in the Jan post. I was tickled to find fresh green onions out in the garden! These onions are prolific and reseed themselves every year. This year I will actually use them. Every one loved the meal and ate it all! I was hoping for leftovers.

The 12 year old made banana cream pie for dessert. He started with vanilla pudding and added 2 tsp banana flavoring. (I stocked up on flavorings in January - they can add a lot of versatility to the menu.) He baked a pie shell and filled it with the pudding and then took a frozen banana and sliced it on top. We ate the pie quickly before the banana slices turned brown. We are getting a little desperate. But the 12 year old said, "I like this, not the food storage, but it forces you do try new things." He was victorious.

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