Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week of June 8-15 receipts - Inventory

Total Spent Month to date: $453.81
Receipts this week: Omaha Home storage: $36.20 (bans and oats), Sams $35.68 (cheese, flour, garlic), Aldi $38.29 (Milk, eggs, fruit), BNSave $3.65 (milk, cereal coupon) Wheat Grinder $67.00

Inventory as of Saturday June 12 9:00 a.m. : Wheat 15 #, White Flour 45 #, Oatmeal 24 #, Rice 15 #, Black beans 25#, White Beans 25#, Chicken 27#, Hot dogs 6 packages, Hamburger patties 2 meals, Fried Hamburger 1-/1/2 pounds, Sliced Ham 5 #, White Fish 10#, Tuna Fish - 37 cans, Peanut Butter 7 - 18 oz jars, Cheddar Cheese 5 #, Shredded Mozzarella 5 meals of toppings (pizza), Jelly 1 jar, Sugar 15 #, Salt 20 #, Potatoes 75 #, Carrots 10#, oil 1 quart, Minced Garlic 48 oz,

I missed the sugar sale $.30 pound; the price is back at $.44/pound. I may not stock up on sugar unless the price falls again.

Need: baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, plastic wrap, baggies, drier sheets, hand soap, shampoo, toothpaste, rubbing alcohol for window cleaner....

I bought a box of Raisin Bran because I had a store coupon. The price was a 1.49 a 20 oz box. The manufactures coupon wouldn't work because I only had one box. Is it a good deal? It will last one meal, require a half a gallon of milk ($.80) totaling $2.30 for our family of 10 mouths. If I diced 6 potatoes ($ .30) and fried 12 eggs ($.70), the whole family would be fed for $1.00 with a significantly better source of protein. The cereal was probably not the best choice.

I feel our supplies are significant considering we have been building for 4-1/2 weeks. So far we are in budget - If I can make $45.00 last for 18 more days. This is requiring nerves of steel. For those of you who have survived unemployment, $45.00 is a fortune.

Day 31 Friday:

Breakfast: potatotes frided in garlic, toast, milk
Lunch: Tuna fish sandwiches, ice cream with fresh mulberries
Dinner: Spanish Rice - 2 cups rice boiled in 6 cups water, 1 small onion browned, 1 pound ground beef, 1 TBS chili powder, 1 TBS cumin, 1-1/2 tsp salt. The rice took 20 minutes to cook. Total preparation 25 minutes.

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