Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 23 The Best Mom in the World - Potatoes and Beans

This accolade "Mom, I think you are the best Mom in the world" came 12 hours after a breakfast "session" in which The almost 4 year old was invited to eat his hot wheat cereal served Wednesday. I refused to let it be a "Power Struggle." The choice was his; he could eat three bites or forgo any cinnamon rolls or outings with the family. He was given the facts about protein requirements for his muscles, sugar in the white bread cinnamon rolls, and fiber and energy in the whole grains. We agreed on three spoons, one for each year of age. He reluctantly consented to the first bite then gladly had a second. (There was ice cream mixed in place of the milk.) He had about 4 spoons full - almost the 1/3 cup portion that I wanted him to eat. He was happy and so was I. Mothers do not need to fight to get their children to eat healthy food. Parents often demand that children eat too large portion sizes - 1 tablespoon per year of age is sufficient (1/4 cup for 4 year olds.) Then parents let the children play offense. Don't. Parents are in charge of their own kitchens and parents have a duty to feed their children healthy food - whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and dairy products - not pop, not chips, not fruit roll ups, not fast food, not candy., not sugar...

On another front one son exclaimed "I wish I had a Modern Mom!" This was after begging and pleading to stop at Sonic on the way home from Home Depot at 8:30 pm. (Wed) We were tired, hungry and thirsty. A sonic icy or shake would be perfect. But mother would not budge. "No." was the answer. And there were no negotiations despite his every effort. The next night (Thurs) the same scenario occured (the Home Depot shopping list is long.) This time I consented "I probably have enough pocket change to stop but the baby is really tired and she needs to get home." The 12 year old looked at the baby and said."Thats okay, I don't want a Sonic tonight." It was a victory moment. His ability to deny personal pleasure for the good of someone else won.

How many ways can a person serve potatoes and beans? We tried one at lunch - just boiled potatoes with savory beans on the side. Everyone ate well. Then at dinner several people had snacked on the leftover macaroni hamburger and tomato - there was not enough for the whole family. So we baked potatoes, sauteed an onion, added beans, cumin and a little chili powder. Then, because I knew it would be a hard sell two meals in a row, I upgraded the presentation, made each baked potato individually on our finer china and served the children restaurant style. The children ate the baked potaotes well.

Breakfast was fried hamburger patties, boiled potatoes, oranges if wanted and milk.


  1. i alternate starches: rice, potatoes, pasta, other. That way we don't feel like we are eating the same thing over and over.

  2. I have a picky eater and it was driving us nuts. She would skip dinner so she could gorge on a big breakfast. The pediatrician suggested that she could eat her leftover dinner for breakfast . This only took a couple of times and voila, she eats! No dessert if you don't have a clean plate. If you have room for dessert, you have room for real food! I want my family to be grateful for food. There really are starving people in the world. :)