Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 24 Where there is a will...

...There is a way.

As I worked in the yard, I had to chuckle. I do not accept "No" for an answer very well. This is a blessing in many respects. It means that if someone tells me they couldn't live off the food one their shelves, I think why not? and begin solving each of the objections. Where there is a will there is a way. My husband taught me early in our marriage that I needed pride myself on the cheapest price for everything. It is the same to be pridefully rich or pridefully cheap, he said. He is right. This method of accumulating wealth (especially food wealth may not fit your circumstances, but it is working for us and some of the principles may be helpful. Today we added 30 pounds of chicken breast, 10 pounds of fish fillets, and 10 pounds of spiral sliced ham without the bone. If I did not have the budget constraints of this blog, I would have purchased three or four times more - the only constraint would be freezer space and how quickly I could bottle chicken. These items were on sale at almost once a year lowest price. It is time to stock up.

We still have rice, potatoes, flour, wheat, peanut butter, all the meat added today, and tuna in large quantities on the shelves. We have all the fresh fruit we can eat, lettuce, carrots, milk, and eggs. In a little over three weeks, we have fed the crew and simultaneously accumulated stores to last several weeks.

The reasons for this challenge are unfolding day by day. One - I have ample opportunity to say, "No;" this helps the children learn delayed self gratification (I can have lifes pleasures later if I don't indulge now.) Two we have more time in the kitchen. I believe this is a plus because we get to work together, children learn skills, I learn skills, creativity flourishes and that gives us real satisfaction.

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