Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 25 Preparing - Register Rewards

The pace changed in our home today. The pulling weeds, planting flowers, painting the windows, and deep cleaning paused. I prepared food and "cleared the decks" mentally shifting in preparation for the Sabbath. I realized if I wanted Sunday to be different than other days of the week I had to change today also.

I used register Rewards at Walgreens today for the first time. I got $20.00 of free product that helps us manage resources. No more impulse or desparation buying as we run in to the store to buy nail polish remover, razors, or other personal care products.

On another errand my six year old help my hand as we walked into the store. The four year old grabbed her hand to be part of the chain. When we were all connected, I smiled. Grocery shopping should really be about a chance to connect in a new way. Of less importance are the sales we find, the goods we accumulate and the money spent or earned. If we don't have positive family associations, all the food and money in the world wouldn't compensate. We swung our hands together and laughed for joy.

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Mashed Potatoes layered over refried beans with ground beef, topped with cheese! Another combination - that won the praise "I like this."
Dinner: The neighbors gave us Chipolte burritos left over from a bike race. Three fed our whole family. They were delicious.
Snack: Ice Cream

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