Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 29 Wednesday - Wheat Grinder

Breakfast: Ham, leftover rice pudding
Lunch: Toast with peanut butter and jelly
Dinner: Pizza with mozzarella, hamburger, garlic breadsticks

We ordered a hand wheat grinder today. I do not have a hand grinder so it will be a good addition for emergencies. We researched hand and electric grinders and also looked at coffee grinders. As a child I remember my Grandmother using a large coffee grinder with which she cracked wheat for "mush." The setting must have been difficult to change because we were instructed not to change it. It was the perfect coarseness. No one has served mush like Grandma's mush. She had a completely different grinder for wheat flour with which she made bread. This hand grinder may produce flour too coarse, it may be too difficult to use, it may take too long to make enough flour for our family, but I need something with which to grind flour so we will start somewhere.


  1. I have a hand grinder that I use to crack grain for cereal. Used to do flour also but not lately. Trick is to not fill the hopper or you can't turn the dang thing. I learned to just trickle the grain into the grinder slowly and keep turning so that it isn't as hard to turn the crank.

  2. Thanks for the hint!! We will see how it goes.