Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 7 "Food Insurance" a Reasonable Plan

Okay, maybe I am listening to too much conservative talk radio to take on the challenge of living off what we have in this house for 3 months. Nevertheless, I am beginning to see "food insurance" as a good plan to protect one's family. Deficit spending is out of control. Cannot anyone live within his means? The frustration in this area is driving me to cook from scratch, save a penny here and there, and live a life of prudence so lacking in the federal government and world around us.

Back to today, I learned a lot. First off, the dried whole eggs weren't bad! I will buy another can when I get the chance. They taste a little "dried" but not so bad that some good spices and a little cheese couldn't make a patch of scrambled eggs look and taste divine. It seems that we like routine and scrambled eggs are a common fare during routine meal planning. I have not allowed enough fresh eggs to scramble and to fry as main courses and still last 90 days. The can of dried eggs added 2 nice meals of a comfort food to our confinement. (We'll have Spanish eggs tomorrow.) I do not store anything that we don't eat regularly. So if it is in storage I better be using it. Egg substitutes are preferable in baking but I could use these dried eggs 2-3 times a year in a batch of scrambled eggs . Instant scrambled eggs would be better than nothing. We will just prepare for "dried eggs" instead of trying to cover them up inside fresh scrambled eggs.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, grapefruit, whole wheat toast and butter
Lunch: Leftover minestrone soup, bread and butter
Dinner: Grandpa Joe's potatoes, venison steak, cabbage/ramen noodle salad with almonds

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