Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 19 Happy Valentines Day

Cherry Cheese Cake, red jello, and fresh hot rolls punctuated the third Sunday on this blog to celebrate Valentines Day. As I gathered up the leftovers, the miracle of the loaves and the fishes in the New Testament happened again. In the story the disciples gathered up the leftovers from a meal that began with five loaves and two fishes. They fed 5,000 men and had 12 baskets remaining. So often when we eat what we have and ask the Lord to bless our efforts, the food is multiplied.
Today was no exception, we had a lovely dinner and everyone ate to their complete satisfaction. I gathered up enough to feed us two more meals. It is not all explained by simply thinking I cooked too much food. I only baked one roll per plate and still have enough for sandwiches for the whole family tomorrow. It is heavenly food preparation - God makes the simple basics stretch and feed the hungry.

Breakfast: Parfaits with vanilla yogurt, granola, and cherry pie topping
Lunch/Dinner: Roast beef, brown rice pilaf with whole wheat berries, frozen broccoli out of the garden 2009, red beans, french bread rolls, butter, green salad, jello with pudding and vanilla cake parfait, Fruit Punch flavored Drink mix

Snack: Lemon Cheese Cake with cherries on a shortbread crust (mayonnaise substituted for the egg) Cream cheese filling made from 2/3 yogurt cheese and 1/3 cream cheese, and I used Knox gelatin instead of eggs. My husband rated this superior and the children licked their plates.

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  1. I've heard other stories of food going farther than what seems to be presented. I believe it happens. Your journal entries of your daily eating inspire me.