Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 25 Lets Get our Thinking Straight

This nation is in crisis because parents have failed to raise responsible children. In a doctor's office on the East Coast, the conversation disclosed these intentions. One girl planned a weekend to treat her live-in boyfriend to his favorite sporting event in a neighboring city. She would buy the best seats in the stadium, dine at the most expensive sports restaurants, and sleep in the most expensive hotels while charging it all on credit cards. Then she wanted to return home and declare bankruptcy. She carried out her plans. It was a fabulous weekend. The hitch came when she could not declare bankruptcy because most of her debt was for student loans. So now, the government was garnishing her wages to pay her debt. The situation sounded so audacious to those listening, another girl retorted, "If they garnished my wages, I would quit work and go on full disability."

Where I am from, that is dishonest. It is irresponsible. These are parents of a generation who will grow up to think this is normal. But let's not fool ourselves. It used to be that parents could send their children to bed without supper if the child wasn't behaving responsibly. This was a taste of what it would feel like if he/she didn't shape up and landed on the street, unemployed, feeling hungry because the lessons of youth had failed to be learned. We have work to do in this world if we want to eat. Today Child Protective Services will not let parents send their children to bed without dinner. And the federal government will feed a person if he wants to sit on the street and do nothing all his life. Many receiving such handouts have the gall to complain if the federal government is providing MRE's instead of McDonald's.

I know of children who refuse to eat hot oatmeal because they feel entitled to a granola bar. There are adults who insist on buying a fountain drinks, pop, fast food and eating at restaurants when carrying debt that threatens the home in which they house their family. That is living a lie.
Sometimes when so many have forgotten what straight thinking is, one can only set his own house in order. Today, that is what we did. We gathered laundry, disposed of garbage, and relocated toys and clutter. The children worked beside me. It takes a lot of time to cook. That means children do chores if they want the blessing of eating. Work we must because lunch is never free.

Breakfast: Raisin toast, yogurt, canned pears, fruit drink
Snack: Cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Creamed tuna over wheat bread
Treat on an outing: Pay Day candy bars
Dinner: Per children request - Oyster soup, and wheat rotini with salt and butter.
Bedtime snack: cinnamon rolls

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