Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 10 Figuring Finances

People who have no supplies in the house, often times say "We can't afford to buy extra food." After counting the pennies in this adventure, and it seems to me one cannot afford NOT to have a few extra meals on hand. I spent $238.oo per person in January. That shopping is to last January, February, March, and April. This drops the average to $60.oo per person. This is yet a high figure because the grocery amount included snow shovels, a years supply of several objects including jello, and paper towels. I would expect the monthly average to fall after May shopping trips.

Breakfast: Cherry pie pizza with a side of venison patties. The cherry pie pizza is decadent with cream cheese, cherry pie filling and lots of walnuts. When I serve something so sweet, I also like to serve a protein source. One of my favorites is little hamburger patties of 2-3 ounces each.

Lunch: Red Bean, Black bean, corn and Italian tomato heated and eaten with Indian chapati. Wonderful! Mix everything in a one to one ratio. Add cumin, salt, child powder, and garlic. Enjoy!

Dinner: Chef salads. The last time I purchased lettuce was two weeks ago. I got 3 large tubs of fancy greens from Sams, not so much for the greens as for the containers in which I intend to grow an indoor garden. So we must use a lot of green salad. The chef salads featured sharp Cheddar cheese, strips of fried chicken breast, 1/2 a boiled egg, carrot slices, celery, a green pepper circle, and homemade garlic croutons from the bread that is getting a little stale. Wonderful meal. Lets see if lettuce can be the main ingredient the end of March.


  1. I hope you don't mind, I put your blog on my January 31 post so that others could follow your experience. Bob Norman, Marianne Dwyers father.

  2. I am enjopying following your adventure. A friend sent me your link. She knows I have been trying to go one month without shopping and we are only two (kids all married) You are giving me so many good ideas for more self (shelf) sufficient living. Marlena in Salt Lake City.

  3. How do you keep lettuce fresh for 2 weeks? Mine would have been spoiled or wilted beyond rescue.

  4. This lettuce was prepackaged Sams mixed greens in the clear containers. It held for four weeks before we ate the last tub I had purchased. I also have two heads of lettuce wrapped in tin foil like the celery. We'll see how that holds.