Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 33 Sabbath, Finding Time and Strength

A friend asked how I find the time and strength to do it all. The Sabbath is a perfect day to answer. It is "One Day at a Time." I finished a marathon a little over five years ago. I had never run over four miles in my life. I had only six weeks to train. I found out 2 weeks in to training that I was pregnant with baby number eight. Here are the principles that pulled me through that miracle and through each miraculous day as I try to manage our household.
1) Pray for and Expect Miracles
2) Take Small steps as one goes up the learning /training curve. Injury will throw one out of the race. Plan meticulously for success going through each minute and challenge of every day.
3) Be consistent in a training plan that will take you to the finish. For the marathon that meant I had a goal to stay on my feet 30 minutes longer/3 miles more each week. Carefully define your goals.
4) During the "Long Haul" in the race itself, Don't stop. There is only one thing more painful than running those miles between 16-24 and that is stopping. One's muscles will totally cramp - rigor mortis style. To keep moving requires constant listening to God. He will let us know what to do. Variety and creativity change the pace and keep the momentum in a forward direction. Trials come, life is tough. Don't give up.

With God, nothing is impossible. He wants our success especially in our homes. To fix three meals a day from scratch, to create a nurturing atmosphere, to be prepared is a challenge. There are a million obstacles that can take one off course. Strength comes from a loving Father in Heaven and Time is His so we have to spend it as He wants then we will be successful.

I love listening to "The Lords Prayer" performed by Andre Bocelli with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This performance captures our total dependence on the Lord."Give us this day our daily bread."

I finished the marathon because I covenanted with God that if He helped me, I would use the experience as an example that faith works, that miracles are real, that God hears and answers prayers.

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  1. My mom just turned me on to your blog. I love it! I've spent the last day or so reading all your posts, checking out your recipes, and getting more and more inspired. Keep it up!