Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 28 Bottled Butter

Butter can be fresh, frozen, powdered, or bottled. I've eaten powdered and we are living off frozen. Today I bottled butter. The delicate yellow is sealed in half pint canning jars. I'll open them in 4 weeks and we will report on the venture. There are many sites on preparedness and food storage. This one is comprehensive and Wendy DeWitt has a comprehensive blog for more "How to's" of food storage. I am excited to try bottled cakes, shelf stable eggs and bottled cheddar cheese.

Breakfast: Hash Brown Casserole in the Crock Pot (Diced dried potatoes, water, Cheese Whiz, ground meat, dehydrated onions and spices.) It cooked one hour on high. Very Good.

Sack Lunch: Carrot cake muffins, carrot sticks, venison jerky sticks, 1/2 orange
Lunch: Leftover potato casserole, corn bread with honey butter, and cabbage salad
Dinner: Chicken pockets, Rice, Green Beans, Lettuce wedge. The ice burg head lettuce was fresh and crunchy with nice green color! It's been 5 weeks in the fridge in wrapped in tin foil. The chicken pockets are a pizza dough rolled thin and wrapped around a cream cheese (yogurt cheese) mixed with cubed chicken and spices. We topped the rice with cream of chicken soup.


  1. Please ! Do not eat that butter or cheese you have so called "bottled". It can lead to botulism poisoning.
    I am trained in food preservation and teach it for a living.
    You can see this is true by reading this :

  2. Thank you for the site. I wish that professionals would tell us how to safely bottle cheese and butter instead of spending so much time disproving open kettle methods. If cheese can be canned commercially by adhering to strict regulations,we can follow strict methods at home.