Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 24 Who will teach the Chidren?

Last August I asked the lady in front of me at the grocery store how long she thought she could live off the food in her house, and what types of food she had. She had a cart full of about $3oo.oo of bread, cereal, chips, lunch meats, fruit, milk, some lettuce, fruit snacks, and other kid friendly food that she restocked about every two weeks. She said she had rice, a lot of pasta and a few things that were "basics" that she could cook if she had to. She said her Grandmother cooked. This lady had been raised on grilled foods, box mixes, and eating out. Her mother did not bottle or cook and had not taught her. This may be a common story in American today. If a whole generation has been raised on convenient fast food, and doesn't have an idea how to cook from scratch, who will teach the children? What kind of family bonding have we lost? Isn't it a little disconcerting to hear family therapists urging families to have at least one meal a week all together? I understand the many directions a family can be pulled. Certainly there are innumerable worthwhile activities that children can be involved. At one point I was driving between activities church, swimming lessons, Judo, etc.. I had 17 "stop and go's" in 1 1/2 hours. It was our busy night of the week. Even then I wouldn't forgo the home cooked meal. I pulled out the one man burner, took the sauce pan and heated tuna noodle casserole and we had a picnic in the 20 minutes between activities. I am not a great cook but with every meal I offer a little of a mother's nurturing, "this is something from me to you with love." I hope my grandchildren will get a home cooked meal.

Breakfast: Quiche with mozzarella cheese, bacon, 1/2 cup celery and baby green lima beans, carrot cake muffins, and yogurt shake.

Snack: Cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Indian dahl (from the freezer), with fresh fried whole wheat tortillas

Dinner: Fried chicken breast cut into strips, stuffing made with homemade whole wheat bread, green salad with ranch dressing, and fresh frozen baby green lima bans, peach cobbler made with a yellow cake mix and canned peaches for dessert (no eggs - I just mixed the juice off the peaches with the cake mix. It took a little longer to bake without the eggs.) Dried milk to drink - by request!

When I have a chance, I'm buying some SHELF STABLE MILK. What a treat that would be!

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  1. I saw a newscast during the Katrina disaster and people had been given food. Surprisingly, a woman complained about the food they had been given. It was military survival food and I won't repeat what she said, but I don't believe her complaint was based on her wanting a homecooked meal. Instead she was someone raised on fast food and eating out. Our palates become accustomed to what we eat, so many people don't want a home cooked meal because they've never had one.