Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 26 God's Love

I feel to repent of a remark that I have made on a couple of occasions in this blog. I have stated that it is a false hope to rely on neighbors to provide our wants and needs when crisis arises. As a neighbor, I will share all I have with anyone who wants. Neighbors care for each other. We should know what is happening in each other's lives enough to prevent death by starvation as happened in Omaha three years ago when a toddler, Ezekiel, died after his mother passed away on the couch and no one found her for three weeks. We are a human family. Families sacrifice and help each other out of empathy and love.

As I contemplated this position I also have to acknowledge that there comes a point when neighbors cannot help. It is illustrated in the account of Noah's ark. No doubt the neighbors were pounding on his door pleading, begging, and howling to be let inside. He would have let them if God had permitted it. God in His love and wisdom gives us chances to prepare, he warns and provides opportunities to multiply the provisions. When he chooses to "close the door," it is because the people have become self centered, pleasure driven and carry a feeling of entitlement to such a degree that gratifying those wants is detrimental to all society. God closes the door out of love for His children. Those who listen and are prepared are protected. Those who didn't listen and do not have enough to provide for their own and loved ones are protected as well from further incrimination of selfishness. God's love is perfect.

We would do well to reflect God's laws in our parenting, in our neighborly responsibilities, and the framing of national policy.

Breakfast: Cheese strata casserole. This called for 6 eggs, I substituted one package Knox gelatin for three of the eggs, yogurt cheese and cream for 2 of the 3 cups of milk, baked for 50 minutes. Delicious.

Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner: Pancake Sundays with apricot jam, molasses, syrup, powdered sugar or any topping we could imagine (ice cream if I had more rock salt to freeze the ice cream but I don't). This is a quick Sunday evening tradition in many homes.

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