Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 32 The Stakes are Up

We are out of our comfort zone. For the last month we have eaten basically the same dishes we are used to; we've had all the meat and fresh produce we wanted; we've enjoyed the novelty of making frozen yogurt and substituting a few ingredients. The meat supplies are dwindling. We are down to one head of lettuce. The carrots are starting to sprout (Thank goodness they are still firm and sweet.) Today the three year old has asked if we could buy bananas no less than three times. We often go weeks without apples or oranges or pears or bananas. Rarely have we gone longer than one month without getting the whole variety of fruit at one time or another. This month the stakes are higher.

At lunch today the five year old cried for chocolate milk for a half hour. The first seven minutes I was feeling guilty thinking maybe I should accommodate her wants. Then as the tantrum continued, I changed my opinion. I am glad for the opportunity to say "No." I wonder how often the answer was "No" for children of the great depression or The Greatest Generation that fought in WWII? In our affluence we have forgotten how to forget ourselves. Our children (and too many adults) can think only of satisfying their wants in plain English that means "spoiled rotten." Thank goodness it is a learned trait and therefore can be unlearned.

Breakfast: Granola and yogurt, cinnamon toast, leftovers
Lunch: Chicken tetrazinni, fruit drink
Snack: Carrot Sticks and Squash Pumpkin Bread
Dinner: Cheesy tuna melts on Whole Wheat Bread, canned peaches

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