Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 14 Good Days and Bad Days

Okay, I'll report and you decide. Breakfast was pie, cold rice with milk and sugar, and squash bread. No one liked the pie made with apple pie flavoring and chunks of squash. I think it wasn't too bad. It looked great and the Cinnamon flavor could have been apple pie. The rice with sugar is a favorite of my father. My children rated it a 6/10. The squash bread served to fill hungry tummies. Thank goodness it has so much squash in it that it will count as a bread and a vegetable.

The children were clamoring for chocolate milk. I feel like I could live at the blender between making chocolate milk and yogurt. We almost lost the yogurt start so I am tending a new batch carefully to make sure we can make yogurt the next two months. The children would eat nearly 2 gallons a day if I made frozen yogurt fast enough. Thank goodness it is healthy - I could use a diabetic sugar and have a fat free, sugar free snack.

Still hungry, mid morning the 12 year old decided to make a "Creamy Carrot Soup" from the Bon Appetite "Light Soups" recipe book. I loved the curry and orange peel blend. He used 2 fresh carrots and 1 cup of dehydrated. It worked well. He had his first bite and almost hurled. The texture was not for him. I don't think we will fix the "Moroccan Squash Soup" I was planning for dinner. I'll log the recipe for both soups for anyone adventuresome enough to try them.

Lunch: We scrapped the squash pizzas that were planned and made mini pizzas on whole wheat bread topped with Hunts ready prepared spaghetti sauce (with a little more garlic) and mozzarella cheese. The children loved those.

Dinner: We will fix a Shepherds Pie with layers of Ground Meat, green beans, and instant mashed potatoes topped with cheese. Sometimes I just have to acknowledge that I have some "meat and potato" palates in my home and curry soups with exotic spices just don't hit the spot for them. I will savor the gourmet soup dishes for a lunch of my own sometime. Some days you don't will them all.


  1. Crystal, did I see that correct? Planning squash at every meal? I might have to join the kids and stage a protest.

  2. On the other hand, cinnamon and apple pie sound yummy. Would it be possible to add that into a cobbler recipe that has raisins and nuts?