Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Rest of the Story - Accepting "No"

It is Mother's Day, I appreciate the work of mothers. It is even more poignant after meeting the challenge to not go to the grocery store for 90 days. When we finally did go shopping (a couple of days after the finish line), the commercialism was shocking. The thousands of products in every flavor and numerous packages called from countless shelves. All of it was superfluous. We did not have to buy anything. We knew we could do without. The children were more reserved in their pleadings for this or that and I felt more power to simply say, "No."

We bought a case of cauliflower to support the case lot sales that had been instituted in our absence and splurged on a preseason watermelon. As we left the store, we passed an overweight child of eight or nine eating a candy bar on his way to the car. I was saddened. His mother lacked the power to say "No." No wonder we have a spoiled society with an entitlement mentality.

In pondering, it dawned on me that God himself is trying to teach us to accept "No" for an answer. In the Garden of Eden, He offered to Adam and Eve all the fruits of the garden except one. In reaping the consequences of failing to accept "No," we find ourselves in a world that offers all kinds of indulgences. Food is a tool that God used and we can use too.

A mother is on the front lines teaching her children to deny themselves. It is often a lonely battle. I am grateful for the sacrifices my mother made for me and our family. I am grateful for power I feel having brothers and sisters of strength to help me through the day to day. Strong families are powerful.

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