Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3 Greeting the Day

If our children do not wake up to the smell of bacon, what do they wake to? I wonder how many mothers sacrifice a half hour of sleep to get up and prepare a hot breakfast to welcome their children to another day? I wonder how many children who have the opportunity to sit at breakfast with a parent and discuss the day, have the desire to experiment with drugs or alcohol? How can parents who are unwilling to sacrifice to provide a hot meal for their children expect children to sacrifice to stay away from addictive substances?

We baked bread this afternoon. As the wonderful aroma filled the house, I wanted my children to wake to that subtle message every morning. To me fresh bread speaks of love, safety, and security. (I do not fry bacon for breakfast. Eating a fat exchange with no nutritional value is not a habit I encourage.) Without using a bread mixer, I have to knead the bread by hand and a batch of three loaves is a small enough to handle comfortably but that means we have to make bread several times a week. We are also constrained with no sausage, or savory meat to cook for breakfast so the smell of baking bread will supply the atmosphere other breakfast foods would have. The children will not feel jipped by a limited grocery list.

I loved waking to hear the wheat grinder and the "Songs of the Cowboys" when I was a young child. I knew that my Mom was home and cooking for me. I was important. What more could we want for our children than to know that they are someone unique: royalty in their own home.

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