Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 12 Faith - a Grand Circle

This week it dawned more clearly on me that God has great love for His children. He wants us to be healthy and happy. He offers us the tools that will make us strong and fortify us against the difficulties we will encounter while alive. I was struck by the arching connections between 1) Physical health and the 2) the strength required to eat bread from the "sweat of thy face," 3) the familial bonds forged working together and 4) Joy that comes as we harvest a life well lived in the service of our neighbors. Each of these reasons are significant enough for me to want to live providently by learning to cook and eat from the basics. The benefits automatically come in all four areas. For example, we may want to eat healthier so we start using whole grains and baking our own bread. As we persist in this goal, our strength increases and we feel more energy to serve our family (to get up and bake bread again day after day), this service sweetens family dynamics. The family as a whole is empowered to serve one another and others because everyone is healthier, has more energy, feels like going the extra mile to help.... The Circle continues. Our challenge is to find a place to start the circle and change our lives.

I am a Christian. In many areas we as humans fall short. Christians believe that God makes up the difference when we try and ask for help. We may not care about health but we do want to improve family bonds and reach out to wayward children or grandchildren. "Working by the sweat of our brows" to cook at home is one of the tools God has given us. Exercising faith we pray and seek God's help, He gives us answers. For each individual and family the answer will be different but I know God wants us to be happy and He wants to help us provide. When we refuse to follow His counsel we are ungrateful for all He has given including the sacrifice of His Son. Perhaps, this is the main intent behind this bog -- that we try because God will help.

Breakfast: Potato soup, a small 10 ounce bag of frosted mini wheats as a treat (on sale), toast and cottage cheese
Lunch: Baked potato bar with ham and broccoli with cheese sauce (generic cheese whiz thinned with milk)

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