Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 11 The will to prepare

Our family just read about the industrial revolution that simultaneously brought about the market revolution in America. The market revolution refers the trend that took people away from a totally self sufficient farm environment where all goods were grown and produced to a market economy where people had to go to market to buy supplies to make a product. Buying supplies from mass producers was more economical than making the product oneself. As a leader in the forefront of the Market revolution, America rose to be a major World power. I feel like today we have swung totally to the opposite end of the spectrum so that there is very little that is produced in our homes. We buy almost all our clothes, we can buy all our food at restaurants, and most of the jobs we do are only a small part of the finished product.

To remain a world leader today, we are in need of a market revolution back toward center that encourages people to be more independent and self reliant instead of relying on others for all our clothes, food, and industry. We can be industrious of our own free will (not because the job depends on it.)

We had family from out of town visiting today. We made ham sandwiches with a ham from the freezer, served on fresh homemade rolls, made potato salad with olives and a cake with chocolate covered strawberries. We drew from my real reserves and not the "virtual pantry" but it was worth it. Grandma as well as all my children were together. We laughed and visited and ate and visited more.


  1. Thank you! Too many little children climbing on me while I am trying to type. It is a miracle that any of these posts are even coherent.