Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 15 Bottling Water

On our trip to Boston between grocery challenges, we saw the signs posted to boil water before use. Upon our return, several friends have reported unsafe water in their communities. I decided that bottling water should be a priority. A few jars of clean ready to use water brings immense peace of mind.

Clean Jars
Boil lids
Fill Jars with sterile water. Set the lid tightly.
Process in steamer or hot water bath for 10-15 minutes

Jars can be handed down, purchased at garage sales, or in the store.

Lids can be purchased for the best price at end of season in fall. Right now it cost me $______ for 12 lids.

Current monthly expenditure: $456.00. We have potatoes, rice, formula, feminine supplies, toilet paper, shampoo, and all kitchen items. This week I will buy chicken quarters for $.39/pound and supplies for Grilling on Memorial Day.

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  1. yeah i just found out about that boston water main break this past weekend. when that happened there here in cali we had immigration reform protestors sponsored by the communists.