Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week Four

It was decided to not buy anything this week but a gallon of milk and use all the rest of the produce left over this coming week.   For one person we spent  $110 for the month  while preparing generous, well balanced meals.

This is the process by which we build our food reserves.  Last summer I started with 25 pounds of rice in May.  That sack lasted me all three months.  In the first 4 weeks peanut butter, tuna and potatoes all came on sale.  Those supplies lasted me 6 months.  Under normal use, buying a case (12) jars of a sale item is often enough to last a long time.  The expense is usually 10-20 dollars.  (This amount of money can be found easily in skipping a couple of fast food meals or eliminating the potato chips, pop, cookies or even ice cream (if one absolutely has too!)

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