Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bountiful Baskets -- "I'm the bread maker"

The question was asked whether I think Bountiful Baskets is a good idea - I say yes.   From what I have read at BountifulBaskets.org and from talking to those who have used the Co-op the fresh produce is aways good, the variety is like having Christmas delivered to your house each week or every two weeks and I like the whole viewpoint that the smaller growers are able to market their produce at greatly reduced prices.  Getting 20-25 pounds of produce for $15 is a good deal in most places.  Right now this Co-op is in TX, AZ, UT, CO, WY, ID, MT, WA, OR, and OK.  I sent an email asking if Omaha could be a delivery as well - We'll see what can happen if we link arms an use creative ways to buy and sell wholesome food.

My 9 year old daughter helped me make bread last week.   She was so pleased with herself and the delicious bread she exclaimed, "you can be the cook all summer, but I'm the bread maker."

We moved 40 cubic yards of mulch this week.  I made a large batch of chicken soup with rice and a large batch of applesauce muffins.  This helped us have food when we returned indoors after moving wheelbarrows for hours.  It is nice to have a meal when you need it.


  1. I think this is a great idea - love the variety aspect and the value is excellent. Let me know if they start offering it in Omaha.

  2. the website bountifulbaskets.com is for a gift basket company. What is the co-op's website?

  3. Figured it out. bountifulbaskets.ORG

  4. Thanks a bunch Wendy. Sorry for the confusion. Bountifulbaskets.org

    PS. I have not heard back from them yet for starting the Omaha area.

  5. Pretty sure there is one in Omaha now.