Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inflation - Prepare in order to Give

If anyone is not quite convinced that storing food is important, maybe he needs to get outside himself a little.  The people hit hardest by inflation are the poorest in our communities.  I am thinking of the Paralyzed Veterans, the elderly, and the homeless.  If the few bucks one has buys less and less then there is less and less to eat and live on.  If we as citizens, realize that this Great Country can only remain great if the federal budget is brought under control then, we too as Great Citizens will step up to the plate and provide for those in need.  A wise friend summed it well when he said the needs of the poor need to be met by the neighbor, the local community/church  then the state and finally the federal government.  I feel a personal need to make sure I have more on hand to provide the basics.

The Mormon Church just increased prices at their storehouses - 11 to 49% depending on the item.  This is unusual because the church has such large stores that small bumps in the economy are usually ridden out.  For these large price increases one has to think that inflation is hitting as a result of the large deficit spending of the last two years.  To substantiate that trend gas is predicted to be $5.00 a gallon by memorial day.  The dollar is weaker and prices are increasing to compensate.  Preparing is literally a day at a time and the time is now.

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  1. I found it interesting, astounding really, that our local cannery usually does around $500 of business each month. However, this past month they did $85,000 worth of food orders!