Monday, April 4, 2011

Cooking outdoors - "Mommy you are the Best"

Last week a heavy spring snow fell.  The snow made perfect snowmen that lasted for only half a day before melting.  As we planned the day, I gave instructions to build a fire in the portable fire pit, get the marshmallows and make some hobo dinners for lunch.  As the planning concluded, my 6 year old threw her arms around my neck and said,"You're the best Mom."   I marveled, how could cooking over the fire be such a special event for her?

Once our hobo dinners of polish sausage, a slice of chicken breast, potatoes and carrots were pulled from the coals, the reaction of one or two children was a little more reserved "This is burnt."  "Do I have to eat this."  For fire cooking by my standards, it wasn't burned.  I took a deep breath,  smiled and said "Yes, it will build intestinal fortitude.  Eat and Relish every bite."

On another front I was thinking of Japan - what would I do if there was no water, no electricity, no gas and a lot of rubble?  One option open is to cook with fire.  In fact there are cultures all over the world who cook over open fires every day in heat or cold.  I made a mental note to build more fires and learn to use my dutch oven. 

Breakfast:  yogurt with granola, carrot sticks and celery sticks, fresh fruit of choice
Lunch:  sandwiches with fresh bread
Dinner:  Mashed red potatoes, sausage gravy, green beans, cabbage/apple/walnut/raisin salad, milk

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