Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 50 Doing What Needs to be Done

Tuesday - I feel a personal victory - We did not buy any disposable diapers for the trip. I managed to stretch the eight diapers I had for the driving time in the van. The days on vacation I used cloth. We made it!! My daughters think it is gross and not socially acceptable to brag about this victory. I am braver now and I am not afraid. I know how to make it through the night using cloth diapers without soaking the baby's bed. Beth Streeter Aldrige in "A Lantern in Her Hand" made the poignant observation that the tough pioneer woman whom everyone called to do all the "dirty jobs" had no more special skills than anyone else on the prairy. She just did what had to be done. Others didn't want to sacrifice or do what was uncomfortable so they called someone else.

This is intestinal fortitude - it is doing what needs to be done. Washing a cloth diaper in the toilet requires a little intestinal fortitude. With all the modern conveniences, we have lost some guts. To many Americans are too soft to do what needs to be done.


  1. I used cloth diapers on my first child (couldn't on my son - allergic reaction; I about went broke with him). Yes it does take intestinal fortitude, especially with your first child, but I did it.

    The two items that I found helpful were: 1)sturdy kitchen gloves that were stored near the toilet to protect me when rinsing the diaper and 2)little blue liners that you lay on the diaper that helps in the removal of more substantial deposits. The liners are really cheap and totally worth it.

    With what you save monthly by NOT buying disposable diapers and using cloth, you can afford monthly payments on a washer and dryer - (win/win) AND you get to keep the washer and dryer for years after the child has been potty trained!

  2. Thanks for the tip! It is not too bad to wash out a diaper if you make up your mind to just do it.