Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Senior Recital - Is it worth it to Bake?

My almost five year old has been waiting all week for the day we get to listen to the recital and then eat cookies.  This morning he bounded out of bed, "Do we get to eat the chocolate eclairs today?"  He would not forget carrying them in the house after the shopping trip and he was ready for the party.  Then we started baking miniature brownies in the small muffin tins.  The aroma filled the house with more of an invitation than he could resist.  He asked to have a brownie, when denied the privilege he asked for the beater.   When Dad said, "Yes," he chimed "You're the best Dad ever!"

We didn't bake everything for the recital, but what we did bake created anticipation for a special event for a member of our family. Was the hassel of baking worth the positive bonding between siblings or the compliment to Dad?  You bet it was.

Breakfast today: Cracked wheat/oatmeal hot cereal with milk, raisins and walnuts
Lunch: Macaroni/tomato with wheat gluten protein chunks instead of hamburger (see the  Wheat gluten post and pictures)
Dinner:  Hot bread and milk with whole wheat bread, butter and salt


  1. I'd be interested to see your post on wheat gluten as sub for meat. I tried your label and also the search for those terms, but I'm having trouble finding the post. Can you direct me? Thanks

  2. Hi crystal,please can we have another post.Iknow your very,very busy,but I miss them sooooo much.could I please have your recipe for dill penne pasta and chicken. thankyou Elaine.