Monday, May 2, 2011

Captive Audience - Frozen cabbage

My son sat at the kitchen bar and talked. I put applesauce fruitcake dough in muffin tins.  I smiled and occasionally got to respond affirmatively.  An awareness dawned, "He must enjoy just visiting - knowing that I was going no where until the muffins were baked.  He could talk and talk without fear of being ignored, blown off by distractions that come with motherhood or simply left alone.  I was all his  -captive at 6:15 in the morning,.

For dinner we made punjabe potatoes with cabbage (probably has a different name with cabbage!)
Today's experiment came when we pulled the cabbage from the freezer.   In putting groceries away, somehow one whole cabbage was put in a bread sack and put in the freezer!  I've had this happen to celery that inadvertently was put in the freezer, but I was not sure how to negotiate the cabbage dilemma. So after thawing on the kitchen counter for 2 days, I chopped it all into small squares and fried it with a little oil.  We added potatoes and spices.  The steamed (once frozen) cabbage cooked beautifully. 

Breakfast: leftovers
Lunch: applesauce muffins and milk
Dinner: punjabe potatoes, green salad

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