Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping List

To meet nutritional goals of the above diet plan, here is a suggested shopping list.  The cost of this list was $51.00 - not Nebraska prices.  So adding or subtracting $5 would give an estimate of food costs in the US.  Depending on  where the shopping is done, food items could be substituted within a food group.  I chose these items based on price and nutritional value along with how long they would store.  This first week I opted for a large shank ham because it would be used to flavor beans, as sandwich meat, breakfast meat and in potato skillets.  Ham adds lots of flavor and is versatile besides providing over 30 portions 3 ounces each which were diced and frozen.

bananas (6 gave 12 servings)            $ 1.40
butternut squash  (3 cups)                  2.40
cabbage (12 wedges)                          1.50
broccoli (6 servings)                            2.00
lettuce green leaf (8 servings)             2.30
whole tomatoes (2-3 servings)             1.40
oranges (8 gave 16servings)                 3.50
10# potatoes (24 potatoes)                 2.60
oatmeal non-instant (30 servings)        3.00
bread (16 slices)                                 3.00
1# black beans dry                             1.70
shank  ham                                      11.60
frozen boneless chicken breasts           6.50       (2.25 pounds)
eggs 1 dozen                                      1.40
molasses 12 oz jar (on pancakes)           3.20

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