Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What does 230 pounds of pasta look like?  How can it be stored?  Here is a picture.  It fit nicely on two shelves in the food storage room.  I will leave it in the original packages.   I calculated the amount we would need if we ate 5 pounds a week (which is generous).  For 10+ people this pasta will probably last more than one year.  The total pounds of pasta is counted in the grain group with rice, wheat, corn and oats.


  1. the only problem is that regular pasta is nutritionally deficient and being highly refined, not really good for you. When a family, like yours, deals with whole wheat at times as well, some of that is offset. But wouldn't it be better to store the wheat and make your own pasta from freshly ground?

  2. This pasta is enriched so provides a substancial amount of B Vitamins and is a full 8-10 gms of protein per serving. This kind of nutrition warrants a place in my food storage.