Friday, December 3, 2010

Taming the December Circus

If there is any time of the year that has the power to stitch families together, it is this magical season.   The first snow flies and the children exclaim "This is the best day of the year!"  It is also the time when homes are most at risk.  I was shocked to listen to a friend describe her instinctual dislike for Christmas and Easter because that meant the grown ups would be drunk and the children ignored.   As an adult these scars of childhood still bleed each holiday.  The only way to find healing is to create new memories, new associations, new traditions.

It doesn't take an alcoholic home to leave the children desolate of family togetherness.  The shopping, the parties, the seasonal concerts, the ball games all crash with speed this time of year.  If not on guard, dinner is each man for himself as he comes and goes.  Children are thrown a fast food sack or a box of macaroni in the rush.   Exhaustion sets in and the magic of the holidays is reduced what can be purchased.

So, for this holiday, we are on guard.   As a mother I am going to create enticing aromas in my home every day.  Make a point to sit down together to read, sing, and eat.  We are creating memories of joy, peace, and love.  These are the threads that weave hope for future generations and give meaning to life.

Breakfast: pumpkin bread and leftover taco soup with hominy (this was soo delicious last evening we can't leave it alone this morning).
Lunch:  Canned Salmon and noodles, green beans and milk
Dinner:   A freezer meal of Upside down spaghetti while my husband and I went out on a date.


  1. I'm always so glad when you post. You're perspective is grounding and reaffirming. Thank you for continuing your efforts on this blog.

  2. Thank you for your patience with my tardiness!!